There are many hidden spots involved in home maintenance that usually stay out of sight. However, these areas still require the utmost consideration. It’s difficult for modern individuals with hectic schedules to scan each corner of their properties to maintain optimal living conditions. Yet, it’s necessary to promote the safest environment for all occupants and visitors across multiple scenarios.

Additionally, you’ll need to keep your home in the best shape if you intend to maximize property value or insurance policies. Accident-proofing your home is a need rather than a preference in the long term.

That’s where a certified professional like Handyman On Purpose can come in to make all the difference. Our dedicated experts conduct each visit with a comprehensive checklist to account for every aspect of home safety. Additionally, each of our highly trained specialists offers a keen eye for detail, identifying current and future hazards based on the earliest signs of irregularity.

We provide a systematic and thorough assessment of each area within your home, which include:


-Drainage system flow

-Tile and grout condition

-Quality of cabinets and counters

-Exhaust hood ventilation, and more.


-Lighting fixtures

-HVAC systems

-Windows (obvious leaks and rot issues.)



-Toilet flushing

-ventilation systems, and more.

Handyman On Purpose also directs homeowner attention to commonly neglected areas such as laundry rooms and storerooms. Our team will provide you with greater awareness and peace of mind, knowing that your home stays safe and fully optimized with the necessary actions.

Reach out to us for a free home check-up to relieve your mind of the unknowns in home maintenance. Our seasoned specialists will work closely with you to arrange the best estimate according to your home’s needs. With Handyman On Purpose, your property will stay safe and desirable for years to come.