Honest. Reliable. Professional.

Handyman On Purpose History

In June 2018, we started this business as a side hustle to accomplish some short-term financial goals. We started serving customers by throwing the tools from the storage closet into the back of the Pontiac G6 and contacting friends and family for work. We planned to run it for a few months and shut it down but it has grown to be able to serve more customers than we could have ever imagined then. Our focus from the outset was to not be your typical contractor. We aim to return every call, be clear in what we can and cannot do, be professional and stick with a job until it is done and the customer is happy. Let us know what projects you have coming up that we can help with!

Ways to Contact Us

We know that it is not easy to find a professional, honest, reliable handyman and we take your project very seriously. Let us know how we can help you accomplish your goals at home!