Rental Property Maintenance

Rental Property Maintenance In Clayton, NC

One of the most difficult tasks in being a landlord is keeping up with maintenance tasks. Especially if you manage multiple properties, running back and forth from property to property for inspections and repairs can become a full-time job. Not fun, considering most people enter property management for passive income opportunities. 

Handyman on Purpose can help you manage the hard part of being a landlord.

We can help you complete all of those regular maintenance tasks and updates between renters. We can even schedule regular maintenance check-ups with you to ensure that tasks are completed before they become a problem.

We Can Relieve Your Rental Property Maintenance Burdens

Door & Window Maintenance

Handyman on Purpose can take care of all of your door and window maintenance. We can:

  • Change doorknobs and locks.
  • Check and replace hinges.
  • Adjust doors that are sticking or will not stay properly closed.
  • Change weather stripping around drafty doors.
  • Inspect windows for leaks or signs of wood rot.
Bathroom Maintenance

In keeping a regular check on potentially problematic bathroom areas, you can avoid much more costly emergency repairs later. Make an appointment with Handyman to:

  • Caulk around bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.
  • Repair or replace leaking faucets or running toilets.
  • Install ventilation fans to reduce moisture damage.
Rental Property Maintenance In Johnston County, NC
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Rental Property Repairs

Whether you have more pressing repairs that need to be fixed quickly or would like to wait until your renter moves out, Handyman on Purpose can take care of many of the property repairs so you can focus your attention elsewhere:

  • Change HVAC filters.
  • Replace swollen baseboards or damaged drywall.
  • Replace broken porch or deck spindles.
  • Repair rotten fence or deck boards.
  • Replace damaged fascia boards and soffits.
  • Change out light bulbs.
Rental Property Upgrades

The best time to make bigger upgrades to your property is when you are between renters. No coordinating schedules or asking your renter to move their stuff around. Schedule Handyman between renters to:

  • Install new flooring.
  • Replace ceiling fans.
  • Install new plumbing fixtures or lighting.
  • Repaint.

We Can Relieve Your Rental Property Maintenance Burdens

Handyman on Purpose can take a tremendous burden off your shoulders by handling your rental property maintenance. We can schedule regular maintenance check-ups with you so that you can keep things from breaking down and having to be repaired. We can even work with you to create a list of regular maintenance checkpoints. We’ll keep them on our calendar so that you can clear up yours.

Having a handyman service in your pocket takes a huge burden off of your property management plate. You are free to tend to more important matters, or just to enjoy the passive income that property management offers. We can work with you on a schedule that you prefer:

  • We come when you call us.
  • We can come regularly to update what needs to be done or work through a checklist that we establish with you.
  • We can come when you are between renters to perform your upgrades and freshen up the place.

Bring back the joy in property management. Contact Handyman on Purpose today and free up your to-do list. 

Rental Property Maintencance