Interior Renovations

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Tackling an interior renovation can be an overwhelming process. Something as simple as a bathroom remodel can be so intimidating that you back out of the entire process.

  • You can choose to DIY it, but that may involve learning multiple trades at the drop of a hat.
  • You can hire multiple contractors and try to juggle scheduling and coordinating schedules.
  • Or you can hire a handyman to take care of your renovations. 

The beautiful thing about hiring a handyman company for your projects is that we are a jack-of-all-trades company. Our guys are experienced in many areas, and we can handle your minor renovations. 


We’ve got you covered from the ground up! Changing out your flooring is one of the quickest overall ways to update the look of your entire room. Often, when our clients are ready to change up their space, they are ready for fresh flooring as well. Whether you opt for new tile flooring, engineered hardwoods, or vinyl flooring, our crew can provide you with a whole new look.

If you’re diving into a renovation, you may find that you may need to patch or repair sheetrock when something is moved or hang new sheetrock altogether. Handyman on Purpose can install new sheetrock or patch your small holes and have your wall ready to paint in no time.


Our skilled crew can also take care of your carpentry needs. If you need your new room trimmed out or you would like some shelving or cabinets installed, our carpenters have you covered. We can even update your dream closet by laying out new shelving and built-in drawers.

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Handyman on Purpose can take care of your painting needs. When you're ready to add a new paint color to the wall or need your brand-new shelving painted, our crew can transform your space with no effort on your part.

One aspect of a remodel includes changing out your metal fixtures to a new finish. For example, many of our clients in newer homes are selecting antique bronze or black metal faucets, drains, door hinges, and doorknobs. Our handymen can change out these fixtures for you so that your updated space is cohesive.

We also have a skilled plumber on staff that can take care of your sink and tub installation.

Like every other area of your home, lighting trends change. We can hang a new pendant light, mount new lighting around your vanity, or add additional recessed lighting in your home.

When you hire Handyman on Purpose, we take care of scheduling the right man, at the right time. After discussing your project, we’ll take care of getting the job done right, and in the right order. There is no need for you to juggle multiple contractors, multiple meetings, and multiple schedules.

Your interior renovation does not have to be an overwhelming process! If you’re ready to update your space, contact Handyman on Purpose. We’ll take care of you from start to finish!