Minor Electrical Services & Repairs

Handyman on Purpose can help with your minor electrical upgrades and repairs. Many of the small upgrades you make to your home are slightly more complex than updating your decor. We can help you change the look of your space quickly and easily.

Electrical Services In Johnston County, NC
Install Or Change Light Fixtures

One of the most dramatic ways you can update your decor is by changing out your light fixtures. Not only can you select a more modern style fixture, but updating your fixtures can also change the way that your room fills with light. 

Whether you are adding new pendant lights over an island, finally updating your bathroom vanity area, or replacing your outdated dining room chandelier, Handyman on Purpose can help you see your home in a brand-new light. 

Ceiling Fan Installation

Many of our clients appreciate the value of ceiling fans, both in the winter and summer months. Ceiling fans can help reduce energy year-round. In the summer, they help to create a breeze that helps you beat the heat. And then the rotation can be reversed in the winter to help circulate warm air throughout the room. 

Mounting a new ceiling fan can be a complicated process. It involves manually constructing the fan and getting it mounted to a ceiling box, as well as a bit of electrical wiring to get it connected to your power and functioning via switches. With Handyman on Purpose, ceiling fan installation is as simple as filling out our contact form. We have the tools, we have the skills, and we have the time to take this task off of your hands. 

Whether you’re updating your outdoor spaces so you can entertain comfortably, looking to save on cooling bills this summer, or just updating an outdated fan, we can have you sitting comfortably in no time.

Fan installation In Johnston County, NC

Ceiling Fan Repair

We can certainly install a new ceiling fan if that’s the route you prefer to take. But did you know we can also troubleshoot and repair your existing fan? When something goes wrong with your ceiling fan, your first thought may be to replace it. Give Handyman on Purpose a call first! Here are some common problems that we encounter with ceiling fans:

Celing Fan Repair In Clayton, NC | Johnston County
Motor Or Capacitor Issues

These are part of the “engine” of your ceiling fan. Problems with the motor or capacitor are often caused by dust accumulation, so keeping your ceiling fan clean can reduce the chances of these parts failing. 

Broken Pull Chain

The pull chain is just another mechanical part, and it can break off outside or inside the fan. 

Fan Wobbles

A wobbly ceiling fan could be a balance problem, improper mount, or something else. We can troubleshoot your wobbly fan and make the adjustments needed to get it working correctly again. 

Thermostat Installation

If your old thermostat has stopped working or you’ve decided to upgrade to a newer, smart thermostat, Handyman on Purpose can take care of wiring your new system in place to get your HVAC functioning again.