Porche & Deck Service

Outdoor spaces can be difficult to maintain. These surfaces are exposed to wind and rain, temperature extremes, and plenty of dirt buildup. Protecting these surfaces so that they last requires regular maintenance.

Our crew has the knowledge and skill set to keep your porches and decks in pristine shape. Here’s how we can help you:

Porh Repair In Johnston County, NC
Front Porch

Let Handyman on Purpose refresh the paint, stain, and sealer coats on your front porch. This is a regular maintenance task that helps protect these elements from moisture damage and wood rot. We can also replace damaged spindles, handrails, or columns or hang your front porch swing.

Back Porch

Back porch areas allow your family to enjoy fresh air, and usually in a more serene environment. If you don’t currently have a back porch living area, Handyman on Purpose can build a brand-new back porch or deck. If you are unhappy with your current porch design, we can completely redesign and rebuild your structure or help you finish your DIY project with a final stain and seal.

Screened-In Porch

Call Handyman on Purpose to screen in your porch and let us give you an outdoor space that will stand the test of time. We use a screening product that protects your screen against children or pets. We can even install a ceiling fan and outdoor television so that you can enjoy your sports in the great outdoors. 

Pool Deck

Whether you are imagining something as simple as a set of stairs and a small platform to make a grand entrance into the pool, or somewhere for you and your friends to soak up some sun, Handyman on Purpose will make that vision a reality with a new or revamped pool deck!

Other Outdoor Structures

We have also helped plenty of our clients with other outdoor structures. If you want a storage shed for your gardening tools, a gazebo for your outdoor gatherings, or a pergola built over your patio, we can provide you with these backyard upgrades. 

Whether your vision involves new construction or an add-on or upgrade to an existing structure, we can increase your curb appeal and help you spend more time relaxing, instead of maintaining.

We provide porch and deck handyman services in Clayton, NC, and the surrounding areas. If you are wondering if we can help you in your area, call us today at (919) 701-9091 or fill out our form online. We will contact you shortly to talk about your project and the next steps.

Pool Deck Restoration & Services In Clayton, NC