Painting Services

Painting Services & Crown Molding Installation | Clayton, NC

Our Painting Process

Pre-Painting Prep:

In order to produce the most beautiful paint job, we spend time preparing the surface underneath. We take the time to inspect the surface, repair any holes, sand the surface smooth, and remove this dust from the surface. We also apply the appropriate pre-paint products that will help ensure your job is top-notch, such as primer. If necessary, we can also caulk around your trim and other fixtures to create a smooth, seamless finished look.

Color Application:

We take special care to ensure that color is applied only to the surface that we are painting, and not all over your floors, furniture, and other fixtures. As we apply, we always keep the finished product in mind, using techniques that will ensure a beautiful finish.

Finishing Process:

Once we apply the color, we close out the project by completing any last steps. This includes applying sealers and sanding where necessary and ensuring that we have left you with a crisp, clean finish. 

Interior Painting Services

Handyman on Purpose can finish all of your interior painting projects. We can give your walls a fresh new coat of color or freshen up your trim work and cabinetry paint. 

After Painting Services In Johnston County, NC
Johnston County, NC Painting Services
Outdoor Painting Services

Our outdoor painting services include doors, porches, siding, and decks. And if you’d prefer stain to paint, we can stain and seal your surfaces instead.

In addition, Handyman on Purpose can take care of many other details of your project, eliminating the need for you to meet with multiple contractors, sort through multiple quotes, coordinate project details with multiple workers, and try to schedule everyone in the correct order. 

If you’re ready to update your painted surfaces, the process is simple: