Back-to-school time is quickly approaching. Families are getting prepared by completing the usual back-to-school checklists, which may include shopping for school supplies, clothing, and shoes, and getting back on a schedule. As you help your family get ready to go back to school, don’t forget to prep your home spaces for school days as well. Read on about how a few small adjustments can help optimize your home to make back-to-school time easier for your family.

Mudroom Lockers

School mornings have the potential to be a hectic, unorganized mess. A mudroom locker creates the perfect drop-off and pickup space to keep your family organized and out the door on time. Entryway lockers create a space where your family can drop off shoes, coats, and backpacks as soon as they walk in the door. Evening routines are simplified when there is a space to store these items, and everything is ready to grab and go in the morning. No more looking for lost shoes, homework, or lunch boxes. Handyman on Purpose can help you optimize your entryway for school-day simplicity.

Pantry Organization

An organized pantry creates simplicity in selecting lunches and snacks to get through the school week. Adding a roll-out drawer inside your pantry cabinet helps get little ones involved in selecting these items. Additional shelving or stackable baskets may help keep items separate so that selection is easy. The goal is simple: Make lunches and after-school snacks a no-worries process.

Homework Centers

With school comes the inevitable daily homework routine. In addition to creating a space where homework is packed and ready to go for the next day, consider adding a homework center to your home as well, Kids find it easier to focus and complete tasks quicker when they have a separate, distraction-free zone to study. A small, built-in desk area away from busy family zones is the solution. In addition, a custom-built space ensures you have the appropriate storage space to organize materials. Don’t drag out homework time looking for pencils, calculators, and books.

Organization and routines are the keys to smooth, stress-free school days. A few small upgrades to your home can make a world of difference in keeping your family organized.

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