A handyman can help you with more than an extensive remodel or a standard repair job. And here at Handyman on Purpose, we believe that no job is too small for our team. Check out our list of five things you didn’t know you could give to your handyman!

Working at heights

Any time you get out the old ladder, you are assuming the risk. You know, because of the pit you get in your stomach every time you get it out of the garage. You take those first few steps warily, wondering if it’s still safe. It worked for your grandfather and his before him, but maybe this time it comes out from under you. Your handyman not only has a ladder that he is comfortable on, uses, and inspects regularly, but he also has insurance to cover your property and himself in the case of an accident.

Changing out a faucet

All of the YouTube “experts” will tell you that this is an easy job that you can do yourself, and if you follow the instructions closely, you likely can. The issue is that if you miss a step, forget to put plumbers tape or put plumbers tape in the wrong spot, and you can have a leak. These leaks can hide in your cabinets undetected and cause more significant issues. If your faucet is leaking or you are tired of looking at it, let your handyman take care of it.

Changing out a fixture

This one is similar to the faucet above, and the process is pretty simple. As we have heard said it’s just “red to red, black to black, and green is ground.” While this is generally true, it gets more complicated when there are multiple switches involved, and you’re not sure if the power is off or you are on that old ladder again. A shock is not likely to kill you, but it does not feel good, and the startle and reflex it causes can be very dangerous. If you’ve got a light fixture that needs an update, is noisy, or you’re just tired of it, let us know, and we will be glad to take care of it for you.

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Hanging Window Treatments

Hanging blinds, curtains, and shades is something that all of us have done. Look around your windows in your home and take note of the extra sets of holes from old treatments or screws that just didn’t hold for the long haul. Are you happy with how level they are and where you placed them on the window? A professional handyman can take care of this for you and make sure it is right the first time. Many handymen don’t want to mess with this small job, but the right one will be glad to help.

Assembling Furniture

Have you ever bought a fantastic piece of furniture, got it home, and never got around to putting it together? Maybe you opened the package, looked at the directions, and said you would do it later. The engineers who design these pieces are concerned about many things, but it seems that being able to put them together easily is not one of them. Your handyman would be glad to help with these items, and we can decipher even the worst set of directions.

The Handyman on Purpose team is here to help you check items off your to-do list! No job is too small for us to tackle, so contact us today.