Storage Solutions Across the Spectrum

One feature a home can never have too much of is storage. Everyone needs space to store a wide variety of items- holiday decorations, books, movies, photo albums, prized collections, and the list could go on and on. What happens when these items take more space than you have? One solution is creating more storage space. Here are four storage solutions that can provide you with more space and improve the areas you already have.

Garage Shelves

One quick and more cost-effective way to increase storage space is to add shelving to your garage, outdoor closet, or shed. These shelves are durable but easy to construct and can add a lot of storage space very quickly. By design, they perfectly fit most of the plastic tubs that you may use to store kids’ clothes or holiday decorations.


Do you have a wall that could use some custom shelving? Perhaps around your television or fireplace? That space could be a perfect place for customized built-in shelving. Fill the wall, or part of it, with shelves to hold books, movies, photo albums, picture frames, or whatever else you’d like to display for others to see. These are great because they are entirely customizable cabinets with doors, various shelf heights, styles, etc. can all be determined by you to fit your needs.

Closet Reno

Do you have a closet filled to the brim and completely disorganized? Gain control of those spaces! You can add more shelves or have drawers added. You can also install a closet system that has baskets, drawers, hooks, and shelves that will help provide organization to an overfilled closet.

Laundry Room Reno

Finally, your laundry room or laundry closet may need extra shelves or cabinets installed. There are plenty of ways to organize and design your laundry room. Whether it is shelving for cleaning supplies and detergent, a clean surface for folding, or cabinets to hold extra supplies, renovating your laundry room can help to provide more space. It can help to clear the tops of your appliances and give you more room for whatever you need it!

“No one ever passed up on buying a house because it had too much storage space!”

If Handyman on Purpose can help by adding some storage solution at your home, let us know. As one of our customers said, “no-one ever passed up on buying a house because it had too much storage space.”