Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As homeowners, we often find ourselves with a list of small things to do that we may not be comfortable doing ourselves. But then what? Most handymen or contractors don’t want to do these little jobs, so we are left trying to figure out who might be willing to do the work.

Handyman on Purpose is not “most” handymen. We know and understand that sometimes people need help with the seemingly small things around their homes. And sometimes these small things can also help refresh a room that just needs a little new energy. When you have a list of “small stuff,” we don’t want you to sweat it. We can help you accomplish your goals of renovating and refreshing your home with small changes.

Here is a list of smaller sized projects that our team can help you accomplish. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please reach out if there is something you need help with something you don’t see listed below.

  • Install/replace locks or doorknobs

  • Change out light fixtures

  • Replace faucets

  • Repair drywall

  • Clean out vents

  • Repair door

  • Install vapor barrier

  • Repair drawer tracks

  • Install weather stripping

  • Replace water heater elements

  • Clean out gutters

  • Replace/install baseboard

  • Residential window tinting

When you have a few small items that need to be taken care of, don’t sweat it. Give Handyman on Purpose a call, and we will help you out!