Guest Blog – Steven With Cloud Service Networks

Handyman on Purpose is the only Handyman you’ll need! In 2018, Joey Totherow wanted to start a handyman service and build additional income for his growing family. Check out the story on You Tube. The business began as a side hustle to accomplish some short-term financial goals and found the demand for trustworthy handyman services was very much needed in Clayton NC, Garner NC, Smithfield NC, and the towns surrounding Raleigh North Carolina in Johnston and Wake counties. The focus was to not be the typical contractor, we return all calls and clearly speak about the project, budget, and timeline. If you would like a quote or to submit a request, please click here.



Handyman on Purpose has an office located at 115 East First Street, Clayton, NC 27520 and they need phones in the office, out in the field and the ability to give subcontractors extensions during projects. They also need the ability to leave the desk, while on a call, and switch to the mobile device so they can continue to communicate, even when on the go. We also have to configure the phone system to manage calls differently during normal business hours, after hours and for emergency service during nights and weekends.


We installed Polycom VVX 300 Business Media phones at the main office and our mobile application has been deployed to all staff members. We have the phone system programmed with normal business hours, after hours and weekend timeframes. During the day the calls are routed to the users via desktop phones and mobile applications, any calls that are missed are routed to an auto attendant or a voicemail box. Voicemails are emailed with an audio file and transcribed. During after hours and weekends the calls are routed to the on-call staff for a specified amount of rings, then also can ring management before going to the general mailbox or the emergency service mailbox which is monitored by management and staff.  Updates to voicemail boxes or auto attendants are easy with a built-in text-to-speech engine with over a dozen voices in English, Spanish, or French. During peak business times strategic partners are trained by Cloud Service Networks on the fly, when needed. We become the virtual telecom experts and business VoIP system service providers, partnered and dedicated to the growth and overall success of Handyman on Purpose!


Steven is a great guy and ready to help your business thrive. If you are looking for a business phone check out Cloud Service Networks today!