Christmas Light Installation & Decoration Setup

We Are BOOKED For the 2021 Christmas Season

Christmas light Installation In Clayton, NC & Johnston County

As summer winds down, the big holiday decorating months are up next on the calendar. Many people enjoy having their homes festive and bright for Christmas, and Halloween has become a big decorating holiday as well.

We can take care of sorting out and setting up your holiday lights and decorations. We can do so safely, and we have the tools needed to take care of your setup. We can even set up your timers so that your holiday light display is completely hassle-free.

Whatever your decorating style, we can take the legwork out of decorating your home for the holidays. We do the work, and you enjoy the decor. 

We Can Take Away Your Holiday Decorating Stress

No Climbing Ladders

One of the biggest dilemmas presented by holiday decorating is safety. Stringing up Christmas lights can involve lots of climbing up and down ladders, as well as reaching out while on the ladder. Our team can string up your lights in a manner that is safe for both you and them. No need to risk stretching out on a ladder by yourself!

No Untangling Lights

The excitement about decorating for the holidays can quickly be extinguished when you unpack those boxes and realize what a mess your Christmas lights are in. You could easily spend the first hour or two of decorating just trying to sort out and untangle lights. What would the holidays mean to you if we could eliminate that burden for you?

No Searching For Faulty Bulbs

As if untangling the lights isn’t frustrating enough, plugging in the lights, only to realize that half of them don't work, can completely take the wind out of your sails. Leave the searching to us — we’ll find out exactly where the faulty bulb is, replace it, and carry on with setting up your holiday haven. 

Christmas light installation in Johnston County, NC
Holiday Light Installation
We Prioritize Electrical Safety

We’ve all seen the scenario played out in our favorite Christmas movies — an overzealous dad sets up all the Christmas decorations, only to overload the breaker and cause a blackout. We prioritize electrical safety. We check for frayed cords or other problematic issues and make sure that we don’t overload your systems!

We Free Up Your Time

The holiday season is already incredibly busy. Your December calendar is packed full of holiday photo shoots, Christmas card prep, shopping, parties, and baking. These are all fun things, but they're all time-consuming as well. You don’t have to waste time during an already busy season doing monotonous tasks. Enjoy a hassle-free, beautifully decorated home this holiday season. And when Christmas is over, call us for the take-down process. 

The primary reason that many people give up decorating for the holidays is that it just becomes too much work. Eventually, the thought of dragging down all the boxes of decor, unpacking them, and setting them all up — only to take it all back down just weeks later — becomes too much, and homeowners give up. Don't let the hassle of decorating take the joy out of your holidays.

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