The Weather Is Warming Up, and So Are Your Energy Bills!

Summer has arrived, full-throttle. While it’s an excellent time for some much-needed sunshine, rising energy bills can quickly dampen your spirits — but fear not. Our team at Handyman on Purpose has compiled a list of practical measures you can implement at home for some serious energy savings. It’s time to enjoy the warmest season without the burn!

Enjoy an Energy-Efficient Home With These Steps!

Installing and replacing fans in your home may serve as an excellent energy-saving alternative to the AC during the hottest months. Depending on your preference and home layout, you will find plentiful fan model options these days. Some modern fan options include child-friendly bladeless models and advanced products with Yuragi mode, which recreates the cooling effect of natural wind. 

Speaking of advanced technology, installing smart thermostats around the house can help you automate and optimize your HVAC system to moderate your energy consumption. Smart thermostats let you set and preprogram temperatures directly from your mobile devices with unmatched convenience. 

As an additional measure, remember to check the seals of your window frames and joints in your home’s interior. If you turn on the AC, professional caulking and sealing services will significantly reduce leakage, preventing excess HVAC costs. Hiring the specialists at Handyman on Purpose will help you fulfill all your energy-efficient measures without fuss. 

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