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As we look forward to making our reemergence into the world and getting back to normal, we are still going to be spending a lot of time in our own outdoor spaces. I know, personally, I have appreciated my quarter acre and playset more in the last two months than I ever have. As we are waiting for bars, restaurants, and venues to open fully, it’s going to be more convenient and safer to get a couple of families together on the deck or in the backyard than to venture out. Let’s talk about some ways to get your outdoor space to where you will enjoy it more and increase the value of your home.

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The Front Porch

Whether you have a simple stoop or a large country front porch with 15 rocking chairs on it, the front porch is the welcome mat to your home. It’s where you greet family and friends and the center of all the conversations with your neighbors. As we have gotten closer to our neighbors staying home so much, the front porch has become more and more important. Now is a great time to make sure the paint on the rails and stain on the boards is top-notch. We can also help replace columns, add roof structure, or help with a complete redesign.

The Screened Porch

A screened porch is great when you want to get out of the house but not in with the bugs. You can have dinner out there with family and friends. It can even be an extension of your living room with couches and an outdoor TV. We have a great climate for a screened porch here in Johnston County, and an outdoor fan makes it comfortable for most of the year. We can help screen in an existing porch, add one on from nothing or revamp the one you already have. We use a product that makes the screen hardier for kids and pets. Check out our Facebook page to see examples of the ones we have worked on-

The Back Deck

The quintessential emblem of American machismo. Where beverages are consumed and meat is cooked over an open flame. Many a party was once thrown with the epicenter being your back deck. It is feeling neglected and maybe starting to look that way as well. Before we get back to that epic party in a few months, let us build it, rebuild it, add to it, stain it, or screen it in!

The Pool Deck

Whether it is something as simple as a set of stairs and a small platform to make a grand entrance into the pool or somewhere for you and all your friends to lay out and tan, your pool needs a deck. We don’t know when or if we will be able to get into the public pools this summer. If you’ve invested in a new pool, we can help you enjoy it to the fullest.

As we look forward to slowly making our way out of the quarantine, let’s make the most of the outdoor spaces we have. As we spend more and more time in our own spaces, let’s make them spaces that we enjoy looking at and spending time around.

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