Benefits of a Regular home check-up by a Qualified Professional

When you live in your home for a while, you see it as a unique and safe place to relax. With our hectic schedules and daily routines, it is easy to overlook items that fall into disarray. Walking through your home, you may ignore the ceiling, walls, cabinets, or under the flooring. You may even overlook the aging concrete, weakening pipes and valves, water spots from that one storm, the silent seeping of water in the wall or crawlspace, or any other issues just below the surface.

Future prospective home buyers, guests, and insurance adjusters have more scrutinizing eyes when visiting a home. Homebuyers usually catch anything during a home inspection that needs fixing. They calculate how much it costs, sorting out what their client will and won’t pay for it without deducting it from the home’s price.

Insurance companies are also less forgiving and won’t overlook intentional damage, damage from neglect, or general wear and tear. That means so many little things you planned to take care of over the years but never did are expenses you could have prevented. Your policy most likely does not cover animal damage or damage caused by slow leaks or clogged drainage systems.

A check-up with a qualified professional can offer you peace of mind. Professionals are trained in an array of skills and easily able to identify accidents before they occur. Doing the home walk-through inside and outside can catch problems that will worsen if ignored, which will end up costing you in the long run.

A qualified home professional can perform a more thorough walk-through to see any potential issues, including:

  • Electrical problems

  • Essential plumbing maintenance of toilets, pipes, and drains

  • Drywall repair

  • HVAC – heating and air conditioning maintenance and emergencies

  • Flooring and carpeting issues

  • Doors as well as hinges, locks, and mounts

  • Safety assessment for advice on smoke detectors, safety alarms, security cams, and fire escapes

  • Painting issues

  • Sealing cracks in concrete, cement, paving, and asphalt

  • Yard work involving digging, hauling, and fences and gates

  • Exterior work involving siding, the roof, gutters, outdoor lighting, windows, doorbells, and general maintenance

  • Decks and wheelchair ramps

Now you see that you need a team of qualified professionals in your life. They can usually perform many tasks faster with higher quality, making suggestions about products and other services if necessary. It’s smart to establish ongoing relationships with a team of skilled people who can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your home is well cared for and maintained.